Nature’s Place has a genuine story with a vision that has not yet stopped evolving.  The vision of Nature’s Place is to educate and empower individuals of all abilities to discover and meet their own greatest potential.  The quest to meet this vision first began in 1999.

In its inception, Nature’s Place offered rehabilitation services on a unique 5-acre farm complex combining the use of animal-assistants, the environment, and natural modalities with traditional occupational and speech therapy.  Being a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit clinic, we have attempted to serve any and all who need therapy services.  In our experience, we have come to realize, especially in times of such precarious changes in the healthcare system that services can be offered to individuals of all ages and all abilities in a more effective manner.  Thus our vision continues to evolve.

It is to the advantage of all that we have developed most distinctive and innovative means of service delivery that provide greater benefit to a greater percentage of individuals.  We are excited to offer our services to you with a 3- directional approach.  Those approaches that define Nature’s Place include:

  • The Learning Institute
  • The Key Network – Join Today
  • The Acorn Shoppe

We invite you now to become a part of our continuous evolution and explore all 3 directions to discover what we have to offer to educate and empower all to meet their own greatest potential!